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Walking tour of Palermo

This is an active walking tourthrough its Arab-Norman itinerary, which has recently been added to UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites.

Your guide will take you on a discovery of the historical centre of Palermo, showing you some of the artistic and cultural beauties of the Arab and Norman periods.

Departure is at 9:30 from Piazza Indipendenzaat the Royal Palace which hides a real gem of the Arab-Norman period: the Palatine Chapel, dedicated to Satin Peter the apostole and famous everywhere in the world for its wonderful Byzantine mosaics and the bewitching atmosphere perceived as you enter it. You will then enjoy a coffee break in the Cassaro area where you can also try some of the Sicilian sweet specialties such as the cassata and cannolo. You will then move on to Porta Nuova and Quattro Canti in order to arrive at Piazza Pretoria with its amazing fountain. Further on you will discover the Chiesa Martorana and San Cataldo situated in Piazza Bellini. The tour continues with the visit of the Oratorio di San Lorenzo, built around the second half of the 16thcentury. You will here discover the mysteries of the Caravaggio canvas and Palazzo Steri, where you guide will take you through the story of one of the darkest moments in the history of Palermo: the inquisition.

The tour will end in Piazza Marina.
Duration: 4 hours

Tour of Monreale and the Catacombs of Palermo

A half day cultural excursion to discover the wonders of Monreale and the Cappuccini monks’ catacombs, pick-up included from the city of Palermo!
Visiting the underground cemetary of the Cappuccini monks takes you back in space and time as you enter into a fascinating, strange and mysterious world which you will never forget. The catacombs of the Cappuccini monks hold a great deal of precious documents and information which have allowed us to piece together the history, lives and clothing of an ancient society. Even more thrilling, it also holds a huge collection of skeletons and mummified corpses, which you will see on the tour.
With an expert multi-lingual local guide, you will visit the Duomo of Monrealewhich made up part of a complex self-contained fort which contained also the Royal Palace, the Abbey and the Bishops. The Cathedral of Monreale was built in 1174 by William II and within you will find breathtaking golden mosaics that depict scenes from both the Old and New Testaments. Over time it has maintained its original configuration and its style as “ecclesiastically loaded”, accentuated by the two majestic rectangular towers that mark the beautiful exterior.

Duration: The tour departs at 9.00 from your accommodation and will finish at approximately 13.00.
Pick-up: included from Palermo.

Street food: gastronomic tour in Palermo

Palermo is a beautiful city, rich in history, monuments, squares and palaces. But few know that Palermo is also one of the world Street Food capitals thanks to its food secular traditions. 
Sicilyng arranged a walking tour through the city old centre and its panoramic routes. In this way you will be able to enjoy the best of what the city has to offer in terms of street food! 
There are 5 kinds of street food to choose from, 3 different drinks, and the inevitable “Sicilian cannoli.

You will have 5 food samples from sfincione“, panellecrocchè, arancine, sandwich with “milza” and other specialties .

 The culinary specialities will be tasted from the best fried-food shops, street vendors and taverns in Palermo.

The historic attractions that you will meet along the tour are: Piazza Verdi, mercato del capo, Chiesa dell’ Immacolata Concezione, mercato di S.Agostino, mercato della Vucciria, Quattro Canti and Ballarò Market.

Palermo day tour by bike with street food tasting

Take part in a tour of Palermo by bike! The tour will give you the chance to experience the best the city has to offer: food, folklore, art, culture and nature! Your guide will take you along the cycle paths, alleys, passageways and narrow streets of Palermo as he interactively involves you in telling the history of the squares, the buildings and the characters that have animated this city. The cycle tour unveils a thousand aspects of Palermo in a triumph of stories, faces, facades, courtyards, unusual experiences, charming myths, smells and tastes.

You will take the following route: Piazza Bellini, Piazza Magione, Piazza Marina, Giardino Garibaldi, Foro Italico, La Cala, Piazza San Domenico, Piazza Verdi, Teatro Massimo, Quattro Canti, Cattedrale, Palazzo Reale.

All-inclusive package:
 bike rental, helmet, expert guide to the city and food tasting included.

From 1 March to 31 May and from 1 October to 30 November: the tour start at 10:00
From 1 June to 30 September: the tour start at 9:30

Tandem paragliding flight: western Sicily

Come to visit one of the most beautiful place of Sicily: its sky!
Let you be rocked by the emotion to fly in full safety and harmony with the landscape below. You will be fastened to a two-seater para glider piloted by a skilled professional.
After a short run-up and a smooth taking-off, you will enjoy an exceptional view. Landscapes to such altitudes are unique and may be captured with pictures and movies. All our pilots belong to Aero Club d’Italia and to the first Sicilian association validated by CONI.
You may buy the video of your flight. You’ll get the video by email. Each participant will get his certificate of “Air Baptism”.

Duration of the entire activity
: half day
Duration of the flight itself: 20 minutes

Paragliding Spots: the spot will depend from the weather condition and will be communicated by the organizer the day before the scheduled day for the paragliding. The spots and the relative meeting points are the following:
– Paragliding Spot San Vito lo Capo (Trapani), Meeting Point: at the Ice Cream Shop “Cavalluccio Marino”, Via Faro 17, San Vito lo Capo
– Paragliding Spot Piana degli Albanesi (Palermo), Meeting Point: in front of Palermo’s Port.
– Spot di Cefalù e Pollina (Palermo), Meeting Point: at “Lungomare Giuseppe Giardina”, Cefalù.

Pick-up: you may book upon booking the pick-up service from your accommodation/hotel in Trapani and Palermo as an Extra. You will be contacted by the organizer by phone or by mail to arrange everything in time.

It is included from your Hotel or meeting point arranged. You will be contacted by the organizer by phone or mail to arrange it.

Free climbing on the western sicily rocks

With the assistance of a skilled guide, you willl learn how to climb a rock wall safely! Your instructor will make you a training to let you enjoy the free climbing in an enchanting background. He will teach you the “secrets” on how to proceed fast and with efficacy.
This experience is suitable to everybody, even children; no matter your athletic preparation.
The following are the spots where you can choose to do the free-climbing:
– Monte Pellegrino (Palermo), a mountain extending along Tirreno sea, having steep sides marked by caves and fractures millennial. Travellers of the past, Goethe first of all, defined this place “ the most beautiful promontory of the world”;
– San Vito lo Capo (Trapani), on the cliffs of the promontory of Capo San Vito, over-looking the Gulf of Marcari on the west side and the wonderful “Zingaro Natural Reserve”, on the east side.

Pick-up: included from your accommodation in Palermo and Trapani. If you prefer to meet the organizer, to go by your own car, you may reach on of the meeting points listed (see “how to reach us” field).

Departure and Eeturn: pick-up at 10.00 am. Return at 3:00 pm.
Duration of the Free Climbing: about 2 hours.

Palermo no mafia walking tour

Take part in a truly unique experience. You will walk through the historic centre of Palermo with a guide who will offer you an unusual perspective: that of honest citizens who have had the courage to rebel against the Mafia and the intolerable practice of “protection money”.

The guide, who is part of the Addiopizzo movement, will give you food for thought on the mafia phenomenon and on the civil mobilization against the mafia. During the walking tour you will meet a number of retailers that have stood up and said NO to racketeeringby joining the critical consumers campaign “I pay those who do not pay”, promoted by Addiopizzo to support those who want to challenge the system of extortion rackets.
The tour will come to an end at the Antica Focacceria San Francesco, a historic restaurant specializing in typical Palermitan “street food”, whose owners have had the courage to denounce their extortionists.

Thursday and Saturday: from 10:00 to 13:00.
In June, July, August and September the tour will start also on Tuesday only in the afternoon at 6:00pm.

Thrilling tour around Palermo in a fiat 500

Live Palermo as a local driving by the monuments and the iconic locations symbol of the city on a Fiat 500You will be driving your car trailing the guide’s car that will take you through an ideal path around the historical centre of Palermo.

Being a private tour, you will be in the car with your companions only (maximum 3 people on board including the driver).

You will be able to visit the most important locations of the city. The tour will start in Piazza Politeama, you will head towards Piazza Giovanni Verdi home to the Teatro Massimo, the biggest theatre in Europe. From here you will be directed towards the Villino Florio, an historical building established at the beginning of the XX century. You will the speed by the Cappella Palatina and the Palazzo dei Normanni, better known as the Palazzo reale which is the most ancient royal residence in Europe, home to the kings of Sicily and headquarter of the historical Sicilian Parliament. Finally, you will visit the Zisa before going back to your starting point.

Duration: 4 hours
Available cars: 3
The maximum capability for each car is of 3 adults or 2 adults and 1 child.
It is possible to change the meeting point and the itinerary based on your personal needs. During the tour you will be able to stop and visit the monuments on your itinerary.

Selecting the option “Palermo by Night” you will be able to discover the city from sundown onwards!